House of Prayer Church was founded in June of 1990 by Pastors Armando and Ramona Andrade.  Pastor Armando was raised by his parents all throughout his childhood in the very same neighborhood the church is currently located.  Armando and Ramona were serving as associate pastors at a church in San Antonio when they felt a calling from God to go back to the community where Armando was raised to start a church.  After being blessed and sent by their former pastors, they started House of Prayer Church.


Their heart is to see our families, friends, and community encounter the love, mercy, and grace of God.  They have experienced what God can do in a broken, empty, and lost family and are on a mission to see the same with other families and individuals.


Pastors Armando and Ramona have five children: Irene, Amanda, Vanessa, Armando, and Steven.  All which are serving in ministry.  Also, 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.